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Harley Quinn™

Harley Quinn™- Villain or Hero?

Harley Quinn™ is no normal super villain, she is a supervillain who has befriended and unfriended many supervillains and heroes along her way, yet she has a large flowing of fans across the world. At, find licenced Harley Quinn™ fancy dress for adults and children. With licenced products, dress exactly as your idol and bring the stories to life. From her first appearance in comic books, Harley Quinn™ has seduced many characters to create her image. Based on the style of harlequin jesters from the 16th century. It’s safe to say now, the style is deemed sexy and wild, so choose a Harley Quinn costume for a fancy dress party. Dress and act like the rock star anti-hero seen in the comic books and latest film, Suicide Squad™. Choose a Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume and wear the famous faux leather, crop top outfit. Or, choose the more conservative supervillain costume from the comic.

Enter the world of Harley Quinn™

From her first days working in a Gotham City’s Asylum, to saving the world in Suicide Squad™, Harley Quinn™ is defiantly not a boring costume choice. Be bold with your costume choice for Halloween or a super hero party. A Harley Quinn costume is exactly what you need to be noticed! Find a womans Harley Quinn costume and choose to be sexy or sweet! Take on the persona you crave for a celebration or fancy dress party. Alternatively, decide to wear the more casual Harley Quinn™ jacket and t-shirt add a blonde and pink wig and her famous baseball bat and the party is ready to begin! For kids Harley Quinn fancy dress, a DC Super Hero Girls™ costume pack will make a brilliant birthday present. The pack contains everything your child needs to become the famous character full of attitude!

Discover the dark world of Harley Quinn™ by wearing a costume for Halloween or Carnival. Choose a Harley Quinn costume for adults or children, from the film Suicide Squad™ or her early days from the Batman™ comics. Cause mayhem with the famous female character!

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