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The cowboys and cowgirls are in town!

Hold onto your cowboy hats and prepare your pistols for our Western fancy dress for kids! Our huge choice will blow you away- straight back to the Wild West! Is your child is a huge fan of old Western stories and the tales of cowboys and Native Americans? A Western themed party will be an excellent birthday party idea for your child. Dress them in kids Western fancy cress and see as they create stories of adventure with their friends. Their imaginations will run wild with pretend horses, robbers, cowboy costumes and Native American costumes. They can have a shoot out or decide to make friends and rewrite history! Kids Western costumes are fun, adventurous and top quality at a low price! Find cowboy costumes for boys and cowgirl fancy dress for girls, in various styles. Discover other characters from the Wild West as bandits, outlaws, sheriffs and Native Americans.

Create a Wild West theme with help from Vegaoo

Dress your child as the famous comic book character Lucky Luke™ and his friends. The portrayals of Luke and the gang have entertained generations for years! With these licenced products, you are guaranteed quality costumes and items. Bring the characters to life for a cowboy theme party with a Lucky Luke™ costume for kids, a Dalton™ brothers couples costume, or an inflatable Jolly Jumper™ costume! The little ones will have fun playing for hours. Cowboy costumes for kids are for boys and girls- discover the huge range at Find brown costumes, black and multicoloured. Why not add cowboy hats, pistols and handcuffs to your sheriff costumes with Western accessories. Does your child want to become a Native American chief? Lead the village whist wearing a Native American costume for kids.

Discover the fun of a cowboy theme birthday party with Western fancy dress for kids! Become other characters from the Wild West such as Native Americans, sheriffs, outlaws and bandits. Be the famous Lucky Luke™ with costumes for kids from the comic book character and his friends Jolly Jumper™ and the Dalton Brothers™. Bring the stories to life with kids cowboy costumes and cowgirl fancy dress.

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