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Become Ladybug & Cat Noir™

The new kids programme to sweep the nation is the French based animated programme Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir™. The programme is set in Paris and follows the adventures of two friends Ladybug and Car Noir. Each day they transform into their superhero alter egos and save the city from villains. Why not buy a Ladybug & Cat Noir kids costume for your child to bring the show to life! They can play with their friends and create new stories with themselves at the heros! Find cheap Ladybug & Cat Noir kids fancy dress to dress your child in red a white or black! Match the costume with their favourite animal, a clever cat or brave ladybird! Kids will love playing in their kids Ladybug costume everyday after school- and may even ask to wear the costume to school!

Superhero costumes for every occassion

A Ladybug & Cat Noir kids costume can be worn for any event! It is the perfect costume for a child’s superhero fancy dress party. Become Ladybug or Cat Noir or dress as both with your best friend! Make a bold entrance to the party and make a statement with your friend by your side. Are you going to celebrate a carnival or attend a festival this year? A kids Cat Noir costumes is a great way to add fun to the event! How about the costume for Halloween or World Book Day, your son or daughter will enjoy every moment of wearing a kids Ladybug costume in their classes and on the way to school! Your child can wear the costume all day and be in character as they undergo secret missions! And maybe the best reason to buy the costume is for no event at all- simply to add a costume to your child’s fancy dress box so they can continue to grow their imagination!

Discover the new favourite children's television programme for kids all over Europe! At, find Ladybug & Cat Noir kids costumes for all ages and for all event! Wear the costume for a fancy dress party with friends or add the kids Ladybug fancy dress to their fancy dress box so they can become their heros everyday of the week.

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