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Historical costumes for kids

Transform your child into a Roman Emperor or Egyptian Queen with the help of! Discover historical costumes for kids and teach them about ancient civilisations. As they learn about historical cities, add more excitement by choosing historical fancy dress and bringing the stories to life. Maybe there is a show at school celebrating past cities and civilisations, discover a large range of kids fancy dress from super low prices! With new items added daily and super deals, choosing a kids historical costume has never been so much fun! And don’t forget to wear an historical costume alongside side your child and take all the family back in time!

Become a king, queen or emperor

Enter a world of historical characters with costumes from Egyptians, Romans and Greeks! Dress your child in kids historical costumes for a family fancy dress party or school event. Discover the colour and style of Egyptian king and queens, with lavish golden headpieces and jewellery. Transform your child into the famous Cleopatra or child king Tutankhamun. If you child would like to be a leader from another time, try a Roman emperor costume for kids- a historical costume to make them feel just like Cesar! For an action-packed character, choose a gladiator costume or Roman centurion and they can pretend to fight in the coliseum. They can create stories of great battles and victory with kids historical fancy dress.

Help your child discover the ancient worlds and bring history to life with historical costumes for kids. Learn about life in Ancient Greece, Rome or Egyptian times. Become a Greek god, Roman emperor or Egyptian Queen with kids historic fancy dress from! Discover cheap costumes for boys and girl of all ages!

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