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Summer parties

Summer fun for your child!

Kids love the summer, playing out with their friends, grass and flowers everywhere and not having to wear a coat! And of course, children love to dress up too! Why not fill their fancy dress box with summer fancy dress! Gift them a new costume at the beginning of the summer holidays to help occupy their days. Choose a summer themed costume such as a sunflower costume for kids or a green Hawaiian set for kids. If you are heading on holiday, choose a costume for them to wear in the evenings as they play and dance with the other children. Summer fancy dress for kids can create small disco dancers, Spanish senoritas or colourful clowns! At, there are costumes for all ages, from babies to teenagers. There are costumes for boys and girls at low prices. Why not add a summer costume accessory to your child’s with a flower garland, sunglasses or headband!

A summer of fun and no school!

For the end of school, there is a huge party to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments! Every child has been invited to wear kids summer fancy dress and join in the fun and games on the school field. Each class has organised a different stall or game, and children run around attempting to win teddy bears and buying homemade cakes. There are many different summer fancy dress costumes on display, from disco dancers stood in the corner waiting to play on the coconut shack. A group of sunflowers and helping sell second hand books and a mermaid is playing hop scotch. Summer brings colour, joy and playfulness which will continue for the next 6 months- until school starts again!

Find the perfect summer fancy dress for your child to wear as they play in the summer sun! Choose a bright and bold costume to add to their fancy dress box. They can become a bee, ladybird or sunflower. They can have matching kids summer fancy dress with their friends to become fairies, pirates, mermaids and many more!

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