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Disney™ Frozen™ costumes at

Bring the Disney™ film Frozen™ to life with a kids frozen costume. The magical story has stolen the hearts of many children, as they re-enact their favourite scenes by becoming the characters. At, we have a large range of Disney™ Frozen™ costumes which will make a perfect present for a birthday. Find costumes for the main characters, Elsa, Anna and Olaf and frozen costumes for kids for all ages, boys and girls! The officially licenced products from Disney™ cover every budget and are guaranteed to make your child very happy. Transform your child into a Disney™ princess and watch them dance and play for hours. Add a frozen costumes for children to your son or daughters fancy dress box so they can play Frozen™ every day of the week! Sing the songs from the film and create laughter and music in your home.

Many costumes for your children to enjoy

Do your children both love Anna and Elsa and dream of dressing like the princesses? No matter which child would love to become which sister- we’ve got the costumes for you! There are many kids frozen costumes and Anna costumes. Choose the classic Anna Frozen costume for girls with a pink shawl and blue skirt. Or, try the Anna dress with long green sleeves and deep blue skirt. For an Elsa costume, there is also much choice. The famous ice blue dress has been styled in many ways, yet always keeps the Frozen™ authenticity. Does your child love the film and Olaf in particular? Bring the snowman to life (again!) with an Olaf costume for children. Play as Olaf in winter or summer! With frozen costumes for children, the enchanting film has special characters, songs and storyline to create a magical world for your child.

Find the perfect kids frozen costume to add to your children's fancy dress box! A great birthday present to bring your child's favourite Disney™ film to life. They can sing and play wearing a Anna costume, Elsa costume or Olaf costume. Official Frozen™ costumes are great quality and allows them to enjoy the magic everyday!

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