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Mario & Luigi™

Super Mario™ fun and excitement at Vegaoo

Enter the world of Super Mario™ at! Search for super mario fancy dress and accessories for all the family! Bring the classic video game to life with costumes, hats, masks, moustaches and more for adults and children! Our officially licenced products ensure top quality and realism to the video game characters. Take the main man himself, Mario. The famous blue and red Mario costume is known throughout the world! Whether you have played the game or not, he is a symbol of fun and frolic. And let’s not forget this best friend! No fancy dress party is complete without a Luigi costume. Add the two together, and you have a fun filled party with moustaches to boot. Take party in races with your friends as see who is the winner, however wearing your Mario and Luigi costumes, you’re sure to be the fastest!

Become Mario™ and his friends

Are you in need of some fancy dress inspiration for an upcoming party or celebration? Then the answer could be staring you in the face! Put down the video game and head to to find mario and luigi costumes to bring your favourite video game to life! The game is for adults and kids, so be sure that we have kids Mario costumes as well as adults. As the leader and brains behind this fabulous idea, naturally, you will be Mario™. By default, that allows your best friend to be by your side in Luigi costume. Side by side, you will be red, green and the perfect team. As for the other guests, they can choose to be one of the many other Super Mario™ fancy dress characters with a Toad™ kit for children, Wario™ hat for adults Princess Peach™ costume or a Mario Raccoon™ set for adults. Characters on your marks, get dressed….. GO!

Bring the computer game to life with a Mario and Luigi costumes for adults and children. Choose to become your favourite character for a fancy dress party and race to success! Wear a Mario costume or if you prefer green, Luigi! Otherwise, become Princess Peach™, Wario™, Toad™ or many others!

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