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Magic & Horror

Horror masks to scare!

Scare your friends and family this Halloween with an ultimate horror mask at! Select the perfect mask to match your costume for the huge range on our site. Let the UK’s number one provider of fancy dress give you ideas for a super scary and spooky horror mask. Go for gore with a hand painted latex zombie or monster mask. The added detail creates life like characters such as a slave zombie mask or demon latex mask. Find official masks from horror films and programmes, such as a Saw™ mask for adults or Dracula™ mask for adults. Horror masks will complete your costume superbly and add that extra slice of fright! Creep up on your friends and say boo to see them run away with terror! Discover other horror characters such as werewolves, mummies, witches and skeletons.

Magic masks to spook!

Magic masks can be worn by adults and children to add a little extra to their costume! Of course, they can be scary, however the idea is to be spooky and creative, as well as to make your friends and family scream! At, find magic masks which will dazzle and amaze! Try a neon mask which lights up all night long. Become a neon blue skeleton or neon green skeleton and completely change your appearance on a dark October evening. Choose to spook with a clown mask and perform magic in your scary Halloween costume. Which mask will you match to your magic and horror costume? Search for Halloween fancy dress for adults and children and complete the look with a mask!

Choose the perfect Halloween mask for you with our help at Scare everybody at the Halloween party with a gory horror mask to become a zombie, werewolf or skeleton on Halloween. Maybe you would rather spook then terrify, wear a magic mask to become a clown or light up in a neon mask.

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