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Give into your fears this Halloween

How you always been scared of the circus? Have you feared evil clowns since you were a child? Then why not turn the tables and become a clown yourself with our scary clown costumes. Transform into a horror clown and become your worst nightmare! Frighten others with terrifying masks, magical make-up and scary clown costumes. At, we have clown costumes for everybody, no matter what your style. Starting with the little ones, discover our range of kids scary clown costumes. Costumes for boys and girls are bright, detailed and most importantly- terrifying! Add some gore to the clown costumes with a bloody harlequin clown costume, equipped with jester hat and a bloody, open chest! Maybe your looking for something slightly different for the children, well a scary clown Morphsuit™ is sure to do the trick. Ok, that's the kids, now what about adult evil clown fancy dress? Something is sure to catch your eye- a psychopath clown costume to surprise the neighbours. Or perhaps you'd like to see the lighter side of horror and clowns, try a piggyback clown costume to make people laugh instead of scream!

Pick the mask to match

Halloween is creeping closer and closer and your beginning to think about the trick or treating, the house decorations and your costume for the party. You've made an excellent choice by choosing to dress in an evil clown costume. It wasn't difficult to choose the costume itself, from yellow scary clowns, green horror clowns or red and black terrifying costumes. It's almost enough to make you scream at the thought of it! Well.. almost! Because there could be a few things missing.. no adult and child evil clown costume is complete without a face to match. A face straight from your nightmares! With a big grin, large eyes and red nose, a clowns face is instantly recognisable. At, we have masks, wounds, make up and accessories which will make your friends scream with fright! Masks with black eyes, blue eyes, multi coloured eyes. Masks with sharp teeth, dirty teeth, no teeth! From grimaces to smiles, a mask will make your evil clown fancy dress. Try not to scare your friends and family too much and avoid mirrors because your sure to give yourself a fright too!

Discover the fancy dress costumes we have to offer this Halloween at Particularly, our range of horror, scary and evil clowns. We have costumes for all the family adult horror clown costumes to ensure your entrance into any party is memorable. Also, child evil clown costumes, because they want to be terrifying too! Find our cheap and quality scary clown costumes to your liking.

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