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Ghost Costumes for Halloween

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Do you believe in ghosts?

Ghost and ghouls have been the things of myth and legend for years. And whether you’re a believer, who will grab each opportunity to wear a ghost costume with both hands, or somebody who doesn’t believe in the afterlife, there’s something for everybody at When you think of a ghost, the traditional ghost comes to mind, with a large white sheet and open black mouth! Choose the classic kids ghost costume and have them say boo to all their friends. White and grey are the colours for ghosts, so let’s not change from the norm. Wear an original ‘20s themed ghost costume, adding style to Halloween. Or why not a white adult ghost costume, with printed chains to show your trapped soul! As well as ghost fancy dress, pick up ghost accessories or make up. Every ghostly face requires a white complexion with dark eyes. Decide to be a scary ghost for Halloween this year and haunt everybody’s evening!

The famous Halloween Grim Reaper

Being the grim reaper, you are the most notorious, deadly ghost of all time. There are many stories about you, ones of horror, fright and also mystery and intrigue which results in fans from all over the world choosing to wear a ghost fancy dress costume to be just like you! Although, yours is not a costume, it is a way of life! Who could begrudge lowly humans their fun for once a year. As everybody decides upon a different Halloween costumes, there is only one classic! One Mr. Grim. One Mr. Reaper! As the story goes, you take the souls of those who pass over from the living, so for Halloween it seems you have some help, people wearing adult ghost costumes who can be your followers. As they wander the streets to haunt and scare, you can put up your feet! And it's not just the fully grown humans who can do your evil bidding. Others choose kids ghost costumes to dress up their little ghouls for an exciting Halloween night of trick or treating!

Transform into a ghost and find your costume at! Walk through walls in our cheap and quality adult ghost costumes and make a unforgettable entrance to the party! Try to be invisible (good luck!) wearing a kids ghost costumes and cause mayhem making everybody say boo! Find the perfect costume for you from the UK's largest stock of Halloween costumes.

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