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Match the hat with a theme!

Every fancy dress costume requires a hat- it’s just good fancy dress sense! Complete a costume with a hat specially suited to the theme. Find fancy dress theme ideas at and discover the perfect hat for you! If you are going to a superhero or celebrity party, try an official hat to make you look just like the original character. Official products are known for their quality and you will not be disappointed with a Super Mario™ hat, Spider-Man™, Captain America™ or Iron Man™ bonnet. Fancy dress hats can inspire and cheer on a nation, with sports and country theme hats to wear for a national day or sporting event! Shoe your colours by wearing a USA statue of liberty hat, Scottish beret or sombrero. Are you going on holiday this summer and will be attending a pool party? Find a beach fancy dress hat in pink, orange, red, green or blue- any colour to match your costume!

Party hats for adults and children

Find the perfect party hats for your child’s fancy dress party! No matter which theme they have chosen, find great hats to bring the costumes to life. For a cowboy party, fancy dress hat can give each child their character. They can become cowboys, cowgirls, sheriffs or Native American chiefs! Enjoy fun and laughter that fancy dress hats can bring to a party. For an adults birthday party, choose an Oktoberfest theme- any excuse to wear fancy dress and drink beer! Throw a uniform party where each guest dresses at their dream career. There will be police hats, fire fighter hats- even astronaut helmets! No matter the occasion of theme, try adult fancy dress hats to play and party like when you were young!

Choose the perfect fancy dress hat for your theme party! Whether it's for a birthday, Halloween, Oktoberfest or Christmas, mix the event with a theme and hat! Pirate fun for your kid's birthday party or a police theme for a hen party- there are hundreds of fancy dress theme hats to choose from at

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