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Carnival costumes and accessories at vegaoo

We’re going carnival crazy here at with thousands of carnival costumes for adults, kids and everyone in-between! Find fancy dress costumes, masks, wigs, accessories, make up and more! Enjoy the fun spirit of carnival, a festival celebrated throughout Europe. Bright colours, funny outfits and laughter for all the family! Shopping for carnival fancy dress has never been so easy, just a few clicks and quick delivery- will look after you. Enjoy searching for adult costumes, kids costumes and couples costumes and choose your favourite themed, colour of character. So, you have the perfect ideal, find carnival costumes and accessories to match, a yellow wig for a bumble bee costume, or a sword for a ninja costume! Mix and match to create a great costume to help you celebrate carnival.

Carnival party in the streets

The streets are full, there is joy in the air as everybody is out in the sunshine enjoying carnival! People wearing carnival costumes are all around, dressed as so many different characters. A group are all disguised as musketeers with Venetian masks- who is who, there’s no way of telling, however it is clear they are having lots of fun! A family dressed as ninjas are dancing on the pavement, each member wearing a different coloured costume- let the fun begin. The carnival costumes are out in force and are equally matched with accessories. Magic wands, swords, sunglasses, tiaras and necklaces compliment each costume. At the party of carnival continues for many days, each day can be an opportunely to wear different carnival fancy dress to match your mood, friends or even the weather!

Carnival fever has hit! Celebrate Europe's largest festival with a carnival costume for you and the family! Dress in matching ninja costumes, fun inflatable suits or as fabulous pirates- find the perfect carnival costume and accessories for you! Bring the festival fun to your neighbourhood.

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