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Step into Wonderland and explore by choosing to wear Alice in Wonderland™ costumes for a fancy dress party or celebration. The legendary story is known to all, and the costume even more so! At, find official costumes from the story for adults and children. Wear the traditional Alice in wonderland fancy dress, the blue dress and white apron to start an adventure of your own. Climb down the rabbit hole and reappear at, with quick delivery and low prices, now that’s an adventure! With licenced products, be safe in the knowledge that the items are good quality and true to the original. There are costumes for adults with a range of prices to suit every pocket. Enter the world of Alice in wonderland fancy dress for a fantasy themed fancy dress party or for World Book Day!

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Alice in Wonderland™ is a classic story which has been told many times, either by reading the book or watching the cartoon film and remakes. The character of Alice is known in every country and many children wish to take the same adventures as she did. Try Alice in wonderland costumes and start an adventure of your own! At your friend’s fancy dress party, the themed is the letter ‘A’, the letter of her first name. Dress as another famous ‘A’, choose a Alice in Wonderland™ costume for women. The blue dress and white apron is a classic and will everybody compliment you on your outfit. Looking for a different costume to step away from the norm? Choose an officially licenced Alice in Wonderland queen of hearts costume. Become the ruler in the black and red dress to bring a more sinister side to the tale.

Fall down the rabbit hole and follow the rabbit to to find official Alice in wonderland™ costumes. Find costumes for adults and children for a fantasy fancy dress party or World Book Day. Alice in wonderland costumes are recognisable and a must have for any party!

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