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Become an anti-superhero, a hired hand with an adult suicide squad costumes! Bring the blockbuster film to life with a costume from Suicide Squad™. If you choose to put together a group of hardened criminals, your bound to create some mayhem! Choose to become your favourite squad member with official suicide squad fancy dress for adults. After watching the film, you are sure to have a favourite character who you can emulate at a fancy dress party. At, we have a large range of Suicide Squad™ costumes covering all the best characters. The official products from DC Comics™ are assured quality and likeness to the original. Find luxury and deluxe adult suicide squad costumes for collectors, or super deal cheap costumes for those who would like a bargain! Attend a film fancy dress party, superhero party or become scare those around you at a Halloween party.

Become a part of the Squad!

Do you class the members of Suicide Squad™ as heroes? Are they hired help who are captive against their will, with the only selfish goal of saving their own lives? Who cares! They are cool! Try becoming a member with suicide squad fancy dress for adults. Each character has their own niche which attracts the imagination of others. Take Killer Croc™ for example, is crocodile appearance and strength makes him a fun character to become. Harley Quinn™ is an exception to none, with her pretty smile and killer attitude. Choose to become Harley for your adult suicide squad costumes. The Joker™ takes time out of his busy schedule to appear in the film, his nervous yet in control character would be very fun to portray at a party. Other costumes from Suicide Squad™ include a deluxe Deadshot™ costume, where you can boast about your deadly accuracy with a rifle. Each member of the Suicide Squad™ would make an excellent costume for a fancy dress party with friends.

Search for adult suicide squad costumes at! Are you attending a superhero party and would like to go as a controversial choice? Whether you believe the Suicide Squad™ are heroes or not, no one will deny they make for a cool fancy dress costume! Which adult suicide squad fancy dress will you choose to wear.. Joker™, Harley Quinn™, Deadshot™ or Killer Croc™?

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