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Spook with a ghost costume

Spook your friends and family with an adult ghost costume this Halloween! Become a ghost of Halloween with a spooky costume from! Discover many different styles of fancy dress for men and women. At the Halloween party, scare by becoming a phantom, white ghost or even a Ghostbuster™! Chase your friends in ghost fancy dress around a party and attempt to exterminate! Haunt your house and scare trick or treaters with a adult ghost costume and why not add make-up to create a ghost effect from head to toe. Use face paint to paint your skin the same colour as your costume, add blood stains or contact lenses. The perfect Halloween costume is waiting for you at Vegaoo, maybe try a sexy ghost costume, grim reaper fancy dress become a phantom bride to create an original costume this year.

Scare with a skeleton costume

Think style and swag with a adult skeleton costume for a Halloween party! Discover our huge range of Day of the Dead costume, where colourful skeletons line the street and celebrate those we have lost. Become a stylish skeleton with a fancy skeleton costume for man, Dia de los Muertos costume for men or a multicoloured skeleton costume for adults. If you would rather scare then impress with your adult skeleton costume, choose more realistic and bloody skeleton fancy dress for Halloween. Try a skeleton grim reaper costume, living skeleton costume for women or a gravestone skeleton costume. Don’t forget a Halloween mask to make your costume even scarier with a latex or hand painted horror mask!

Are you looking for Halloween costume inspiration? Why not choose to wear an adult ghost costume! Spook your friends with a white phantom costume or evil ghost costume. Maybe try an adult skeleton costume to become the grim reaper, celebrate Day of the Dead or become a stylish skeleton to impress your friends!

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