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Become your favourite celebrity for a fancy dress party with help from! Transform into your idol by wearing a celebrity costume for adults. Choose to be a famous TV star, a pop star or a superhero for a party or birthday celebration. For Christmas, become a character for the famous story, Santa fancy dress, reindeer costume or be Mrs. Claus! And celebrities aren’t just for Christmas, wear adult celebrity costumes for New Year’s Eve, Easter and many more celebrations! Change into the unexpected, an unbelievable super hero costume and re-enact your favourite comic book heros. Playing dress up isn’t just for children, let your imagination go wild with a celebrity costumes. Become the person you’ve always wanted to be, choose the perfect costume to suit your style and budget, with cheap costumes and luxury costumes for men and women.

Walk down the red carpet

Have you always wanted to walk down the red carpet? Be in the limelight of adoring fans as the paparazzi call your name? Be sure not to be blinded by the flashing lights as you’re wearing your celebrity costume for adults. You are surrounded by more famous costumes, although the faces do look like your friends! Anyway... back to the red carpet! In your glamorous little red riding hood costume, people are sure to want autographs from a fairy tale superstar. By your side and your date for this evening is a Red Power Ranger™, their face covered of course, to save their identity. Adult celebrity costumes were a must for tonight’s event, with Superman™, Fiona Shrek™, Borat™ and Darth Vader™ all making an appearance. It’s the place to be, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, enjoying the high life! Choosing to host a celebrity costume party was a fantastic idea!

Dive into the possibilities of celebrity costumes for adults for your next fancy dress party or themed event! Choose to become your favourite popstar, superhero or fairy tale maiden. Become a superhero and save the world dressed as Spiderman™, Batman™ or Superman™! Try a film star costume, from Grease™, Scooby Doo™ or Star Trek™. Enjoy an adult celebrity costume and enter your next party in style!

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