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Every Vampire needs a cape

Every Halloween character has a famous accessory, something special which makes the person instantly recognisable. Throughout the history of Halloween, each personality has something special, something to call their own, and your Halloween will be no different! Two words- Halloween accessories. Accessories put the boo in boogey monster, broomsticks make witches fly and fangs make vampires bite! Zombies ooze with seeping wounds which look so realistic they are bound to make you queasy! Complete your Halloween costume with something very special for adults and children. Traditional accessories can be bought at For example, every vampire needs a cape and fangs to match. No clown is a clown with you make up to create a horrifying face. Each devil cannot command hell without a pitch folk! If your searching for something new to accompany your costume, some Halloween fancy dress ideas, we have what you need! Be stunned with latex wounds, realistic and guaranteed to deliver the desired scary effect! Match your original costume with an original accessory this Halloween!

Horrifying accessories at

At, we have the largest stock of fancy dress costumes and accessories in Europe, and this is guaranteed to provide you and your family with a memorable Halloween. You have the perfect clown costume, however you are unsure how to make it pop! Halloween masks are a great way to improve any clown costume. The face of a clown is the most important, the stuff of nightmares! So, give your friends something to scream about! We have handmade latex masks which are so realistic, you will be too afraid to even look in a mirror. If you have planned to wear a zombie costume this year, then there’s no way to accessories a person from the living dead without make up, wounds and fake blood- now that’s Halloween accessories! Halloween doesn’t always need to be horrifying, Halloween can be a time to be sexy or sweet, charming or cute! Add feather boas or black roses or glamourous tights to any Halloween fancy dress to make Halloween as individual as you are.

Discover our large range of Halloween accessories to suit every character! Choose clothing accessories to add a cape to a vampire or a hat to a witch. Decide upon a scary fake weapon for your killer clown costume. Or choose a Halloween mask for a demon, hell-bent on ruining the world! We have everything you could need for adults and children at

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